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A foal was born

Foal's (baby horse) dreams

A Foal’s dreams

This Sunday I had a special treat, A prince was born, well, A princess to be correct. My friend’s neighbor had a new foal (baby horse), She was born just a few hours earlier and I’m happy I got to  see her.
I like driving out-of-town to visit friends. I like walking in nature, enjoying the views and the animals in the wild and on the farm, taking pictures of whatever I find interesting. This trip was very rewarding.

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PDN contest

You have the right to vote, use it. So there it goes, I entered the portrait you see on this page into a coming PDN contest. I rarely enter contests but I feel this one has my name on it.

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Al Keith - Percussionist/Vocalist

Al Keith – Percussionist/Vocalist

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Meet The Untouchables

A few days ago, I shot one of my favorite LA bands, The Untouchables, It was a great session, Let me know what you think – Gilad Koriski © 2012  323-336-1679

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Watch The Untouchables play at The “Whisky a Go-Go” in Hollywood, with some very special guests.

Focus, Focus, Focus….

Expanding into DSLR video shooting, I realized that focusing in “live view” can be very tricky. Accurately focusing using a 3 inch monitor is problematic. I found the solution to that in the “Hoodman cinema kit pro“.

Today’s technology, allows pro photographers to produce high quality video, with the equipment they already have, and feel comfortable using. The attachments that will transform your DSLR into a movie making machine are many, and choosing the right product was not easy. While searching, I found that many of the magnifying viewfinders, required gluing an attachment to the camera’s body. I don’t like gluing things to my camera, These glues have a tendency to soften in a hot weather and leave a sticky residue. Another solution offered, is a fancy rubber band, It’s the cheapest solution but it didn’t feel very solid and may get in the way.

What first attracted me to the Hoodman cinema kit Pro was the concept. It’s a solid rail system that’s attached to your camera’s hot-shoe and allows you to accurately place the rubberized view finder over the LCD panel, in seconds. Focusing the viewfinder on the screen took a slight rotation of the eye-piece. As soon as you’ve aligned the viewfinder, You’re free to move it up, and out of the way, and then back in place, It’s consistent, fast and easy.

This kit can be moved to another camera as fast as you can move a speedlight flash from one camera to another. It took about 5 seconds to remove from the package, and about 30 seconds to set-up and master!

I really appreciate solidly build, modular equipment, not to mention great German optics, It looks like this unit will serve me for a long time.

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Sunflowers at Hopewood

Wherever I am, There’s always something that catches my eye as frame worthy, Using my smart-phone to capture these shots may be challenging at times since I’m limited to the phone’s wide-angle lens, But I love a good challenge, And after all, The best camera is the one you have at hand! I shot these beautiful sunflowers at “Hopewood”,  My friend Jamie’s new concept B&B in Hollywood, California.

Some Like it Hot – An Animation project


I’m involved in an animated video clip for “Some Like it Hot” by Club Des Belugas, And we need your help!
It may not save the world but it will surely bring joy to many, and we need more joy, people 🙂

You can see a clip of the video and an explanation about the project, below:

Photographic doodle

While having a casual Skype call a few days ago, Instead of the usual pen doodling, I was playing with a screw that was left on my desk. First, just passing it between my fingers, Soon, I started screwing it through some pieces of craft paper that were lying around. It was looking photogenic to me and so I shot it. Sometimes I have an Idea and a meaning for the image before I begin, sometimes they arise after the fact.

Peace and Dove

In my travels to Israel I get to stay sometimes with the Fox family, Howard Fox is a good friend, an amazing painter and a very interesting guy, His lovely wife and two kids are making every stay a joy and yes, They have a dog and a picket fence.
I was going over some images today while checking Adobe Lightroom 4’s new development module and saw this picture, I shot it in Howard’s studio, So I gave it some love and added a little logo to it.

Peace and Dove

Night falling on Down town Los-Angeles

I was walking in downtown Los-Angeles on my way to have dinner this Saturday after a job. I love this city’s skyline, the weather set up the stage pretty nicely, And I still had my camera with me.

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