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The allusive porcelain hare

Here’s a porcelain hare shot in its natural environment, porcelain hares are a very timid animal. scared especially of curious little children with slippery fingers.

Shooting shiny objects is always a challenge and that’s one of the reasons I like doing it.

Porcelain Hare

The allusive porcelain Hare

And here’s a detail:

Porcelan Hare detail

porcelain Hare - detail


Mechanical boy to the rescue

Here’s a little mechanical celluloid toy. It’s pose made it a natural candidate to replace Superman.

To the rescue

To the rescue

Put on a happy face

As a little boy, there were many things I thought I wanted to be, at least for a while. One thing I was playing with was ventriloquism, people who “throw their voice”, the concept intrigued me, I wanted to be able to do that too. I wanted a dummy too, I didn’t get one, and that’s a good thing. This type of doll is a subject I always wanted to shoot and I’m happy for the opportunity.



This mechanical toy was originally dressed and could crawl, not anymore. It looks to me as if  it’s trying to reach out, sadly enough it doesn’t look like something you’d want to hold, that sense is what I went after.

Machanic Al

Little Boy and Sheep

I thought it would be sweet to bring these celluloid boy and rubber sheep together, for a photo-op.

Boy and sheep

Boy and sheep

Hello Space Boy

I love old toys and I am very lucky to have my friend Dannah sending me items I like from her vintage toy collection to have fun with in the studio. I had this project on my mind for a while and I’m happy I finally got to it.

These toys surely brought a lot of happiness to kids, many moments of discovery and joy through the use of imagination, Just as it does for me.

Space boy

The Little Space Boy

Synthetic and natural patterns

Since I started experimenting with Photoshop around 1996, I was fascinated by blending modes and the patterns I can make using them.

A natural progression to studying the subject through artwork I drew myself, (that’s when photography was still chemical based, and scanning was reserved for paid projects),  I started using patterns from natural elements I shot.

It’s pretty clear why we find natural patterns to be so inspiring, unlike an empty canvas, they already contain rhythm, flow  and direction which makes them a great subject.

Pink haze

Synthetic: Pink haze 1999

Stained glass leaves

Natural: Stained glass leaves 2009


Happy Independence Day 2011

Last night (July 4, 2011), I joined a friend to a fireworks scouting flight over the Los Angeles area. Shooting fireworks from a Cessna Skylane 182 reminded me how important it is to be able to use a tripod for certain subjects. Here  are some of the images, shot at about 3,000 feet above sea level, where a tripod is redundant because of the 3D movement of the plane.

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