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Night falling on Down town Los-Angeles

I was walking in downtown Los-Angeles on my way to have dinner this Saturday after a job. I love this city’s skyline, the weather set up the stage pretty nicely, And I still had my camera with me.


Rail gates

I was shooting a project in downtown LA this week. It’s a wonderful area to hunt for compositions. Using a smart phone made it very easy to snap this image while crossing the train rails to the other side of the river, I processed it the next time I had a couple of free minutes.

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone is online

I’m happy to announce that my new site is now online!
My aim was to combine my website and blog, and make it easier for people to contact me, so I did.
All future blog entries will appear both here and on the new site, so if you’re already subscribed to this blog nothing will change for you, If you like the new design better you can register to it on .
I can’t leave without posting a new image, and what’s better for a spring entry than a child playing in a wheat field?