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PDN contest

You have the right to vote, use it. So there it goes, I entered the portrait you see on this page into a coming PDN contest. I rarely enter contests but I feel this one has my name on it.

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Al Keith - Percussionist/Vocalist

Al Keith – Percussionist/Vocalist

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Meet The Untouchables

A few days ago, I shot one of my favorite LA bands, The Untouchables, It was a great session, Let me know what you think – Gilad Koriski © 2012  323-336-1679

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Watch The Untouchables play at The “Whisky a Go-Go” in Hollywood, with some very special guests. is online

I’m happy to announce that my new site is now online!
My aim was to combine my website and blog, and make it easier for people to contact me, so I did.
All future blog entries will appear both here and on the new site, so if you’re already subscribed to this blog nothing will change for you, If you like the new design better you can register to it on .
I can’t leave without posting a new image, and what’s better for a spring entry than a child playing in a wheat field?


Tech kids

While shooting portraits of her mom, this sweet 5-year-old wanted some camera attention. As soon as her Mom left to change for the next set, I asked her to come up to the set and pretend she’s Mommy, she knew exactly what to do.

Tech girl

Tech girl

After a few smiles to the camera she was drawn into the computer and didn’t mind the camera anymore.

Tech girl

Tech girl

Climbing trees and playing outdoors were my favorite activities when I was this kid’s age, My fascination with computers started when I was well into my 20’s. For the last 10 years I build and keep up all my computers and love doing that.

I didn’t find computers very practical for myself untill Photoshop 3 came out. Looking at these images made me think whose childhood is more fulfilling, the tree climbers or the tech kids? I don’t have an answer for that.

Exploration in portraiture

I was invited to shoot a portrait of my friend Alice O’Kieffe who’s a writer, in her home in Southern California. I initially thought of a “writer at work” setup. Looking at the yard and considering the natural indirect light, we set up a writing area outside, where the natural light was hitting the background just right while giving me a well silhouetted subject to light up with my flash unit.

The nature of the connection (or disconnection) between the subject and the camera is what remains forever and defines how the subject connects to anyone who will ever see the image, that is the most important thing that makes an effective portrait and can’t be faked. To find that connection, exploration is very important and since this kind of session don’t usually have a predetermined layout, together with directing, walking around and exploring the subject while shooting helps finding the sought after frame.

While  packing up the equipment,  I noticed that Alice went and set in another  part of the yard where the natural light looked perfect to me, so I shot a few more images, you can see one of my favorites below.

On location

I was shooting Rafael Moreira yesterday, he’s an amazing guitar player, he played with Christina Aguilera, Pink, Paul Stanley and many others, he’s also the leader of “Magnetico”. Downtown LA has some very cool walls to lean on, here’s one of my favorites from that session.

Rafael Moreira

Rafael Moreira

Something about people photography

Though directing my subjects is a part of the job, I really find it rewarding to make myself “invisible” and try to catch people when they are not aware. when shooting people who are not professional models/actors, of all ages, I always battle to capture a “not obviously posed image”. I’m not a hunter but it seems to me that shooting like that may be the closest thing to hunting, I try to be a part of the scenery and be aware where my main subjects are at all times, so when an opportunity rises, I’ll notice it and be ready. here’s a sweet girl I shot, on her Tea party style birthday.