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A foal was born

Foal's (baby horse) dreams

A Foal’s dreams

This Sunday I had a special treat, A prince was born, well, A princess to be correct. My friend’s neighbor had a new foal (baby horse), She was born just a few hours earlier and I’m happy I got to  see her.
I like driving out-of-town to visit friends. I like walking in nature, enjoying the views and the animals in the wild and on the farm, taking pictures of whatever I find interesting. This trip was very rewarding.

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Late afternoon

Vantage point

Vantage point

This weekend I was visiting a friend whom I used to ride with, he moved his horses from a ranch to his back yard a few weeks ago so I went to see the new tenants.

Being around horses is very special, these herbivores are beautiful and are among my favorite subjects.

Supper's ready

Supper's ready